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Undergraduate Catalog-Handbook 2020-2021 
Undergraduate Catalog-Handbook 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Security Information

Campus Safety and Security

Safety and Security at Mount Carmel Health System (MCHS) provides security services for the College. Students who notice any unusual activities in the College buildings or campus area should promptly dial 614-234-4831.

Security officers are available to escort students to and from their vehicles parked on campus. Students are encouraged to use this service when returning to or walking on campus after dark. Security can be reached by calling 614-234-4831.

Safety Precautions

  1. Assume responsibility for your personal safety and the security of your belongings by taking simple, common sense precautions.
  2. Keep purses/billfolds and other valuables with you or stored in a campus locker.
  3. Although the campus is well-lit, do not walk alone in the campus area after dark.
  4. Report any potential fire hazards or broken equipment to the Director of Compliance and Safety 614-234-2341 or the Safety and Security Department at 614-234-4831
  5. Report any unusual circumstances in the College buildings to the Marian Hall Security Desk (5-5800) or the Safety and Security Office 614-234-4831.

Reporting Missing Students

If a member of the MCCN community has reason to believe that a MCCN student who lives in the resident apartments has been missing for 24 hours or has missed three consecutive days of classes without any known reason or response, they should immediately contact the following administrators:

  1. College President and Academic Dean, 614-234-4340
  2. Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program, 614-234-1076
  3. Associate Dean, Student Services, 614-234-5169
  4. Director, Records and Registration, 614-234-5685
  5. Director, Compliance and Safety, 614-234-2341
  6. Safety and Security, 614-234-4831

The College President and Academic Dean will immediately notify other appropriate law enforcement agencies upon receipt of a missing student report. If the Law Enforcement agency makes an official determination that a student is missing, emergency contact procedures will be initiated within 24-hours in accordance with the student’s designation. In addition, College administrators or their designees will be notified to include the Director of Records and Registration, Director of Compliance and Safety, and the Marketing and Communications Specialist.

Student Emergency Contact Information

Each student may register contact information to be notified in the event the student is determined to be missing. Student contact information will be registered confidentially, will be accessible only to authorized College officials and may not be disclosed except to law enforcement personnel in furtherance of a missing person investigation. 

If a missing student is under 18 years of age and is not emancipated, MCCN is required to notify their custodial parent or guardian within 24-hours after the student is determined to be missing, in addition to notifying any additional contact person designated by the student.

Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

Mount Carmel College of Nursing prepares an Annual Security Report (ASR) to comply with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act. The ASR includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus and on public property within or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the MCCN campus. The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security and other matters.

The College maintains a daily log of crimes reported to Mount Carmel Health System (MCHS) Safety and Security and the Fairfield Medical Center Campus Police. The crime log for the most recent 60-day period is publicly available during normal business hours from the Director of Compliance and Safety/Clery Coordinator. The log includes the nature of the crime, date and time, general location, and disposition (if known).

The College is also required to publish an annual report on fire safety policies and procedures related to the resident apartments which is included as part of the ASR.

The full text of this combined report is available here: Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report  

A hard copy of the report is available by contacting the College’s Director of Compliance and Safety.

Emergency Notification and Response

Mount Carmel Franklinton Safety & Security (“MCF Security”), the Fairfield Medical Center (“FMC”) Police and the College President receive information from various offices and departments on and off campus. If MCF Security or one of these offices confirms that there is an immediate threat to the health or safety of some or all of the members of the campus community, MCF Security or FMC Police and the President/Dean of the College will determine the content of the message and either or both entities will use some or all of the methods described below to communicate to the campus community or appropriate segment of the campus community.

The emergency messaging system may be initiated from on-campus and from remote locations. The College will, without delay and taking into account the safety of the community, determine the content of the emergency message and initiate the emergency messaging system, unless issuing a message will, in the judgment of the MCF Security, the Police or other responsible authorities, compromise efforts to assist a victim or to contain, respond to, or otherwise mitigate the emergency situation.

To access a complete copy of the Mount Carmel College of Nursing Emergency Notification and Response Policy, click here .

Medical Emergency at the College

  1. In case of an emergency – accident or security – when there is no coverage at the Marian Hall front desk: dial 9-911 to report (first), dial 3 to report (second)
  2. In case of emergency (accident or security) when there is coverage at the front desk: notify Marian Hall Security Desk (5-5800) who will dial 9-911 to report (first) and then report to Safety and Security at 614-234-4831. 

Concealed Weapons Policy

Mount Carmel (Health System and College of Nursing) prohibits any person from carrying a concealed firearm or other deadly weapon onto  the premises  of any Mount Carmel property. For a complete copy of the policy, click here .

Emergency Paging Codes

Code Description
Code ADAM Infant/Child Abduction: An infant has been taken without authorization or a child has been taken and/or is missing.
Code YELLOW Disaster: There has been a disaster. An internal disaster can have significant effects on hospital operations.

An external disaster occurs in the community and will directly affect the hospital.
Code RED Fire: Fire is discovered or the fire monitoring system has been activated.
Code BLACK Bomb: A bomb threat has been received or a suspicious object has been found at a Mount Carmel facility.
Code GRAY Severe Weather: Conditions are right for severe weather to occur (tornado, winter storm, etc.) or severe weather is present or has been sighted in the immediate area.
Code ORANGE Hazardous Material Spill: A hazardous chemical/ material has been released and must be contained.
Code BLUE Medical Emergency: A medical emergency occurring that requires immediate attention (age 13 and older).
Code PINK Pediatric Medical Emergency: A pediatric medical emergency is occurring that requires immediate attention (age 12 and younger).
Code VIOLET Violent Person: Someone is acting in a violent manner.
Code SILVER Person with Weapon/Hostage: A person has a gun or an individual has been controlled and held against their will by another.
Code BROWN Missing Adult Patient: An adult patient is missing.
Code EVAC Evacuation: It is necessary to remove patients, staff members, and other people from an area or the entire facility.
Code U Loss of Utilities: A utility service has been lost or interrupted.

 Fire Alarm – Code Red

Fire drill or suspected fire in the College is announced through the alert system as “Code Red, College of Nursing.” The fire alarm will sound and warning lights will blink. All College community personnel are to exit the building. The ruling to always exit the building is a decision made by the Columbus Fire Department.

Evacuation routes are posted in each classroom as well as in other prominent places throughout the College. Students should take time to review them and be familiar with the various evacuation routes.

Reporting a Fire

If a fire is discovered in the College, follow this procedure:

  1. Activate the building alarm by breaking the glass or pulling the handle on the wall fire alarm break station.
  2. Use the nearest in-house (campus) phone to dial 3. Report the exact location of the fire, type of fire, and your name.
  3. Close windows and doors in the immediate area to confine the fire.
  4. If you are not in danger, do the following:
    disconnect electrical equipment in the immediate area, if able; and
    use a fire extinguisher to fight the fire.
  5. Turn on overhead lights so the firefighters can find their way through any smoke.
  6. Report the exact location of the fire to the Marian Hall receptionist as you leave the building.
  7. Evacuate the building.

Evacuation Procedure

When the page indicates a fire drill or suspected fire in the College, students must leave the building immediately. Prior to leaving the building, follow these guidelines:

  1. Turn the light on in the room you are leaving.
  2. Close the door of the room you are leaving.
  3. Knock on the doors on either side of you to alert others.
  4. Exit the building via the nearest fire exit. Do not use elevators.
  5. Exit outside to the parking lot across from the College and wait until instructed to return to the building. Do not wait on the front steps of the College.
  6. In the event of inclement weather AND
    • the page indicates a fire in Marian Hall only, go to the CLE lobby and wait until instructed to return to Marian Hall; or
    • the page indicates a fire in the CLE only, go to the Marian Hall Gym and wait until instructed to return to the CLE.

Students may return to the building when a Security Officer indicates that the building is safe. Students should not return to the building until authorized to do so.

Severe Weather – Code Gray

If threatening weather includes the possibility of a tornado, an alert will be annoucned over the College alert system a “Code Gray, Tornado Watch” or a “Code Gray, Tornado Warning.” These announcements are made in conjunction with the National Weather Service.

Tornado Watch

A “Tornado Watch” means that weather conditions are right for a tornado to develop in the area. There is no specific response for students during a tornado watch, except to be on the alert for an announcement of worsening weather conditions.

Tornado Warning: Option One

If a funnel cloud is sighted within Franklin County, the operator will announce a “Tornado Warning Option One.” All students are required to report to the Recreation Room on the lower level of Marian Hall and remain there until an “all clear” announcement is made.

Tornado Warning Option Two

A “Tornado Warning Option Two” announcement means that a funnel cloud has been sighted in the immediate vicinity. All students are required to report to the Recreation Room on the lower level of Marian Hall and to remain there until an “all clear” announcement is made.

Bomb Threat – Code Black

“Code Black” indicates a bomb threat has been received or a suspicious package has been found on the MCCN campus. It is very important that the recipient of the bomb threat logs the communication (possibly a telephone call) e.g., the caller’s characteristics, time of the call, any other pertinent information, and then immediately contact Mount Carmel Security 614-234-4831.

There is no specific response for students in the College of Nursing other than reporting any suspicious looking boxes or hardware. College of Nursing staff will secure all doors and conduct a controlled search of adjacent areas.

Weapon or Hostage Threat – Code Silver

“Code Silver” indicates someone is threatening with a weapon or holding another person against their will. If a student observes an emergency of this nature in the College, they should report the situation (dial 3 or inform the Marian Hall receptionist), describing the incident and location. When “Code Silver” is alerted, all personnel should stay away from the area in question.

Disaster Alert – Code Yellow

To ensure readiness in the event of a major accident in the community, Mount Carmel College of Nursing has a detailed plan to respond to a disaster. A “Disaster Alert” will be sent out when there is a condition that requires extra personnel to help in an emergency. A disaster may be an accident, major internal mishap, or a major community disaster.

When a “Disaster Alert” is called, all available Mount Carmel College of Nursing employees may be asked to report to a central locaction which will function as a center to dispatch personnel to areas needing help. Students may also be asked to report, if needed.