Apr 16, 2021  
Graduate Catalog-Handbook 2018-2019 
Graduate Catalog-Handbook 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NURS 760 - DNP Practicum II

The learner continues to engage with experts in the practice environment that is the context for the DNP Project. Students continue to demonstrate the synthesis of concepts from core topics including evidence-based practice, epidemiology and biostatistics, psychometrics, population health, health promotion, effective technology, leadership, advocacy, and ethics. The student demonstrates synthesis of healthcare economic principles as well as healthcare policy implications. Opportunities for feedback and reflection are provided during the analysis phase of the project. The project is reported via scholarly written document and presented in person publicly with a poster or media presentation.
Prerequisites: NURS 750 , NURS 751 , NURS 752 , HUMN 753 , NURS 754 , NURS 755 , NURS 756 ,NURS 757 , NURS 758 , NURS 759  
5 credit hours
(250 clinical hours)