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Undergraduate Catalog-Handbook 2015-2016 
Undergraduate Catalog-Handbook 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Involvement

In general, activities are planned based on student interest and requests. Information about special activities is communicated regularly to students. Online students can elect to participate in meetings via Google Talk or SKYPE (free desktop web-conferencing tools).

Student Activities

The College offers a variety of activities for students, ranging from local sporting events to on campus lectures and specialty week events. In general, activities are planned based on student interests and requests. Information about special activities is regularly communicated to students via e-mail, CARMELink and the Carmel Rapper. 


During SmartStart orientation in August, new undergraduate students assemble for Convocation. This is an important event to start the new academic year and attendance by all new first-time freshmen is mandatory.

Student Life Association

The MCCN Student Life Association provides opportunities to develop leadership skills, become involved in campus life, and become acquainted with other students. The Student Life Association includes three leadership teams: Pre-professional, Spiritual, and Advisory. All students are encouraged to participate in these co-curricular activities. For additional information concerning the three leadership teams, contact the Director of Student Life (ccipriani@mccn.edu, 614-234-5828).

Student Nurses Association (SNAM)

The Student Nurses Association of Mount Carmel (SNAM) is the College's affiliate of the pre-professional organization, the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). SNAM provides a variety of activities and programs aimed at fostering professional growth and development, and honing leadership skills.

Students who also join the NSNA enjoy many benefits including the opportunity to participate in state and national conventions, preferential consideration for NSNA foundation scholarships, loans, professional liability insurance, and subscription to Imprint magazine. The College facilitates student attendance at workshops, seminars, and other educational opportunities.

Meetings are held at noon on the fourth Monday of each month during the academic year and are open to everyone at the College. Specific topics and other announcements are posted on the SNAM section of CARMELink.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization designed to represent the ideals, values and beliefs of MCCN students and is dedicated to excellence in action. It provides an organized association for undergraduate student activities and a mechanism for students to voice concerns, issues, and questions. SGA is committed to working collaboratively with administration and faculty to enhance MCCN programs, activities and initiatives. Elected members of the student body serve on the SGA; meetings are held once a month. 

Student Ambassador Program

The College Ambassador Program is designed to familiarize individuals throughout the campus and Columbus community with the offerings of MCCN. Students who are chosen to be Ambassadors represent the student body at various College events and are an integral part of MCCN communications efforts. These events range from casual to "black tie" affairs. Student Ambassadors perform a wide variety of tasks at these events such as: setting up the event, distributing programs, registering guests, and answering questions regarding MCCN.

Ambassadors also are given the opportunity to participate in leadership development during the summer and throughout the academic year. In addition, there are leadership positions within the program known as Lead Student Ambassadors.

Students chosen to be Ambassadors represent the "brightest and best" students at Mount Carmel College of Nursing.

  • Applicants must be in good academic standing with a 2.5 minimum grade point average.
  • Applicants must be well rounded in terms of academic performance, activities, and/or athletics, and leadership.
  • Candidates must have strong communication and interpersonal skills in order to be considered.
  • Since the College Ambassador Program is of such significance, competition is strong for positions.

For more information about the Student Ambassador program, contact the Admissions Counselor at 614-234-5419 or admissions@mccn.edu.

Alpha Lambda Delta

Founded in 1924, Alpha Lambda Delta is an honor society for students in their first year at Mound Carmel College of Nursing. We recognize those students who have succeeded in maintaining a 3.50 or higher GPA and are in the top 20% of their class, in their first year. Alpha Lambda Delta's mission is to "encourage superior academic achievement ... to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their unique roles in society".

Students may participate in Alpha Lambda Delta at both the local and the national levels. There are opportunities to work with other members throughout your undergraduate career including annual scholarship and fellowship monetary awards. Please contact the Alpha Lambda Delta advisor at kfernandez@mccn.edu for additional information.

Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity based on fraternalism and founded on the principles of the Boy Scouts of America. The purpose of the organization is to develop leadership, promote friendship and provide service to humanity. Detailed information about the national organization can be found at http://www.apo.org.

Any student enrolled in Mount Carmel College of Nursing who seeks to broaden experiences, sharpen leadership skills, and uphold the standards of the organization,is eligible to join. Annual dues are required. For more information about the local chapter, contact the Alpha Phi Omega advisor at 614-234-5419 or pdirmeyer@mccn.edu.

Sigma Theta Tau

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing is an organization committed to fostering excellence, scholarship, and leadership in nursing. The Honor Society promotes the use of nursing research in health care and provides resources to communicate the latest knowledge in nursing care. Mount Carmel's Rho Omicron chapter, chartered in 2002, is one of 478 chapters around the world.

Those invited to make application to Sigma Theta Tau International include students who have demonstrated superior academic achievement, academic integrity, and professional leadership potential. The criteria for membership include:

  • All candidates must meet the expectation of academic integrity.
  • Undergraduate students must have completed at least one-half of the nursing curriculum and rank in the upper 35% of the graduating class.
  • RN-BSN students must have completed 12 credit hours at MCCN, at least one-half of the nursing curriculum, and rank in the upper 35% of the graduating class.
  • Graduate students must have completed a minimum of one-fourth of the nursing curriculum.

Representation on College Committees

Several College committees are structured to include student membership. Students who participate in College committees have voice and voting privileges within these committees. Students interested in participating in a College committee should contact the College President, the appropriate program Associate Dean, or the Director of Student Life. Currently, students may serve on the following College committees:

  1. Evaluation and Institutional Effectiveness
  2. Academic Appeals
  3. Academic and Professional Misconduct
  4. Alumni and Student Services Subcommittee (Board of Trustees)
  5. Mission, Ministry, and Mutual Respect
  6. Research and Scholarship

Campus Ministry

The Mission and Ministry Committee strives to ensure that the religious and spiritual aspects of MCCN's mission are promoted in every aspect of the student's College life and to promote the Catholic identity of the College clearly and respectfully.

The Committee plans activities and events to celebrate significant religious observances such as Lent and Advent prayer services. The Committee also offers educational and enrichment opportunities through student retreats, Bible study, faith-sharing groups and mission trips.

Spiritual growth also includes the important dimension of service to others. Students are offered many opportunities to become involved in College, Mount Carmel Health, and Columbus community projects that serve the underprivileged and vulnerable members of society.

Mount Carmel West Hospital Chapel offers both Roman Catholic and Protestant worship services on Sundays. The Chapel is open at all times and provides a quiet place for reflection. Hours for scheduled services are posted on the Chapel door. There are also many other places of worship in the area for students of all faiths.

Student Newsletter – Carmel Rapper

The student newsletter, The Carmel Rapper, publishes items of interest to MCCN students. The newsletter is published monthly during the academic year; student information and participation are welcome. Contact the Director of College Relations (614-34-1372, rhutchinsonbell@mccn.edu) for further information.

Intramural and Club Sports

To encourage healthy bodies as well as healthy minds, the College organizes a number of club or intramural sports each year, including women's basketball and co-ed soccer, volleyball, and softball teams when there is sufficient interest. Other sporting events include bowling, dodge ball, and golf tournaments. Please contact the Director of Student Life for information (ccipriani@mccn.edu, 614-234-5828).

Co-Curricular Activity Summary (CCAS)

The Co-curricular Activity Summary (CCAS) is a program for recording awards, scholarships, community service, educational workshops, leadership activities, student government, and other organization participation. By recording activities outside the classroom, the CCAS is used to complement the academic transcript. To be included on the CCAS, involvement requires active participation and must be verified by the proper authority. For more information, contact the Director of Student Life (614-234-5828, ccipriani@mccn.edu).

Employment Opportunities

Opportunities for student employment exist through Mount Carmel West, Mount Carmel East, Mount Carmel St. Ann's, and Mount Carmel New Albany Hospitals (e.g., Patient Companions, Unit Coordinators, and Patient Care Assistants). Both part-time and casual employment is available. Part-time associates work 8 to 71 hours every two weeks. Casual status provides no guarantee of work hours since casual employees work on an as-needed basis covering weekends, vacations, and other busy periods. Students should con-tact the Human Resources Department at any location to learn more about employment opportunities or view current openings at www.mountcarmelhealth.com and click on "Jobs and Volunteering."

Applications are considered only for current vacant positions but are kept on file if there is no vacancy. Students hired into Mount Carmel Health System positions participate in the required orientation program.

Students can also check the College bulletin board outside the classroom area on the 3rd floor, Marian Hall for employment opportunities.

Employment Relating to The Nurse Practice Act

Under Ohio's Mandatory Nurse Practice Act, no person shall engage in the practice of nursing as a Registered Nurse without holding a current, valid license. Therefore, by law, nursing students who are employed in health agencies are not permitted to function in the professional nurse role. Students employed as nursing assistants or patient care technicians must function under the supervision of a Registered Nurse and within the institution's job description.

When a student is functioning as a patient care technician, nursing assistant, or related position, the legal responsibility for the student's actions rests with the student and employer, not with the College of Nursing. No part of the student uniform may be worn when functioning in these positions.

College Work Study (CWS) Program

The College Work Study (CWS) Program is a form of financial aid that is made available to qualifying students.  The CWS program provides qualifying students with the opportunity to help defray the cost of attending college, while gaining valuable workplace experience to enhance their future endeavors.

Students will be notified at the start of each term of the CWS Program and will be given instruction on how to review and apply for open positions.  (Financial Aid may also send additional notifications to students at the request of the department's hiring manager if there is a need to fill vacated positions mid-term.) 

Students may view open and available positions on CARMELink under The College Work Study Program page and apply for positions online.  The student employment application will be forwarded directly to the hiring manger of the department.   (Students must have a valid FAFSA on file to apply for positions.)  Hiring managers will have the sole responsibility to review applications, set up interviews and hire student employees. 

Student employees will be expected to work 8 to 10 per week.  Compensation for work will be in the form of a CWS Grant that will be applied to a student's financial aid award.  The grant will be disbursed 4 times year/2 time per term.  

Student employees will be evaluated on performance prior to funds being disbursed.  (This process is fully described in both the student and employee handbook.)  Students will also have an annual review completed in person with their hiring manager. 

Students must re-apply and complete the hiring process each year for available positions.


Students who wish to use the College facilities for a class or organization event must schedule the activity through the Director of Student Life (ccipriani@mccn.edu, 614-234-5828). The Director will assist the student in obtaining food service, room set-up, etc.